My Instagram and Facebook are always up to date. So go ahead and scroll through these beautiful moments and be inspired!

These are real weddings I have had the privilege to plan. No style shoots, just amazing couples and their happy day captured by incredible photographers.

I also offer planning tips, stories and behind the scenes so make sure you follow me!

My Instagram and Facebook are always up to date. So go ahead and scroll through these beautiful moments and be inspired!

These are real weddings I have had the privilege to plan. No style shoots, just amazing couples and their happy day captured by incredible photographers.

I also offer planning tips, stories and behind the scenes so make sure you follow me!

Love that Ali carried Laura’s dress for her all day! So much love for these two.

Photo by @unioneleven
Hair by @eliohautecoiffure
Makeup by @tarynmakeupstudio
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You are going to want to save this tip or share with someone you know who is getting married! This is my foolproof way to stay on schedule for your wedding reception!
Venues love this because it doesn’t interfere with their food service and guests love it because they don’t have to sit through all the speeches at the end.
Comment below with any additional tips or questions OR we always love a good schedule nightmare story!
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Wedding trend alert ⚠️ these sleeves added so much drama and style to this beautiful clients wedding look! Save and share if you're getting married!
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I heard something on a podcast today and thought it was a great question
to ask clients moving forward.
So comment below with your answers!
When planning anything in life (a wedding, a party, a renovation even) does
knowing the details soothe you or smother you?
Some of my clients LOVE to know every single thing I am up to for their
wedding that makes them feel calmer. Others only want the high level details
and occasional check ins because telling them all the things makes them
anxious, too involved and they wonder why they hired a planner then.
I get both sides and my couples are a mix of this so sometimes it takes a
beat for me to figure them out and what works.
So what are you?
Tap this gorgeous photo by @scotthwilson for vendors if this is what stopped
your scroll.
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Vow books are my favourite right now. I have a lot of reasons to love them but the biggest one is that I love that you can look at each other's handwriting and read the words you said the day you were married. I know I look at cards my parents write to me for example for my birthday and I can see their handwriting is different as they age. What a great keepsake to cherish forever.
Other reasons I love them:
I love them for how cute they are for detail photos
I like them in ceremony photos instead of a piece of paper
I like that you can keep them forever
Did I miss anything?
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The dancing dress is one of my fav trends from 2022. I can't even tell you how happy these brides are to shed their white dresses for something fun and easier to move in. Mandy even had @showponyhair come back for a switch of hairstyles!
What's your thought though, are you an "all in all night" with your wedding gown or are you down with an outfit switcheroo?
Photo by @palmtreewedding

Happy Birthday to Farhan! World's best assistant but really my mind reader.
I cannot imagine wedding planning without him and I really hope I tell him
that enough!
For anyone who doesn't know the story, Farhan started with me as a co-op student in 2018, he made me NEED him which was a sneaky little plan on his end. So we are in our 5th and craziest wedding season together. I cannot imagine a better sidekick, he just anticipates what's next or what could go wrong and voila its fixed. Farhan is SUPER hardworking, ridiculously smart, kind, funny and really not scared to tell me what he really thinks! He has a great sense of style and his attention to detail is exactly why I trust him so much.
Happy birthday to you, may this year be the best one for you yet! Xo
Comment a happy birthday to this amazing human being please below.
Photo by @greyloftstudio
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I LOVE a good wedding video. Hearing your speeches or vows mixed in with parts of your wedding day will help you relive your day even more than your photos. Hearing your Mom and Dad's voices, seeing your Gramma smiling at your ceremony or just the two of you having the best day ever is so priceless. I haven't had a couple in the last 14 years of planning say "wish we didn't get a video" only the opposite. Save and share this post for your wedding planning or a friend's!
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I love this moment that @mochatreestudios captured. After 3 years of dreaming of their wedding day, this was the Room Reveal before guests came in.
This just makes me so so happy!

Should everyone in your wedding party have hair and makeup done or is it ok to have just some do it?
This is a big YES to everyone for me. I find you can always tell in photos when some have had theirs done and some haven't. Also, why not be relaxed and pampered instead of stressed?
What are your thoughts?
Photo by @mochatreestudios
Hair @topknothairstylist
Makeup by @onefinebeauty
Bouquets by @sagedesignsevents

Please please, always consider some high mixed with some low in a space with soaring ceilings. Literally transforms the space. BUT make them high enough they clear people's eye level and easy to see through like in this case from @sagedesignsevents the centerpieces are raised but the stand is barely there.
What do you think?
Photo by @mochatreestudios tap for other vendors.

Freddy and Kathleen got their gallery of photos already from @mochatreestudios and they are in LOVE with them. I'm having a hard time choosing the first one I wanted to post! Dating since highschool, made it through med school (x2), 2 c-vid postponements, this wedding was well overdue! So happy for these two that they finally got their amazing day.
Tap for full vendor list

If you had to guess what would you say is the most popular month to get
married in Ottawa and why?
Let's see who can get this one.
Photo by @unioneleven
Bouquet by @wedecor_tm
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Want to know a pet peeve of mine when it comes to boutonnieres? Ok 2 actually. When a florist sends ONE PIN! To do it properly you need 2, otherwise after all the hugging and photos, there is no way that thing is still straight. That's why we carry pins in our kit. (watch my reel to know how to pin properly).
A second pet peeve is when they use a flower that isn't hardy enough, Please stop using ranunculus, its all saggy by ceremony and we have to clip it off or just take off the boutonniere. Roses are the obvious choice but even an orchid is more hardy in a boutonniere.
For me, a boutonniere is for photos and ceremony, I don't really care if they last through reception because at that point people aren't even wearing jackets anymore. but they should look awesome when they are "on duty" otherwise I would rather have none at all.
What's your thought love them or indifferent to them?

Name 1 thing you value in your BFF.
Is it their dependable, funny, honest (even when it bites a bit?), good listener ...
On your wedding day surround yourself with people who want the best for your day and won't bring the drama.
Tap for vendors.
Photo by @palmtreewedding

Perfect example of what "gold accents" means. Are you a lover of silver or gold? Let me know below.
Tap for vendors

I hear this all the time, we want a great dance party. Then the night of the wedding the couple is at the bar. That's totally ok too but if you want a great dance party, yes some of it is about the DJ or the band but you two being ON THE DANCE FLOOR is the key. Your friends and family will never leave the newlyweds alone on the dance floor they will join you!
So tell me, are you the person on the dance floor or at the bar or have you left because its past your bedtime?
Go ahead and save or share this if you like too!

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