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Emotional video … cue the tissue!
I was voted Top Wedding Planner in Ottawa for 2024, second year in a row, by my vendor peers through the Ottawa Wedding Vendors Awards and it’s hitting me hard.

A lot of these awards I put zero stock in because it’s just a popularity contest and not based on actual work or reputation. These particular awards are a bit different since you can’t vote for yourself and you had to be a legitimate Ottawa wedding vendor to cast a vote, and only one.

My peers are so freaking hardworking and dedicated and I count myself very fortunate to have the honour of working with the best.
💛 Thank you so much to those of you who voted for me. I am so honoured to have been chosen by you all. We all hold each other to such a high standard so I am very humbled you picked me.
❤️ Congratulations to the others who won in other categories, it’s a beautiful list of Ottawa’s best but I am sure there were many others who were close behind!
🩷 Thank you to our couples who trusted us with their special days. I do not take it lightly when a couple says “YES” to working with me.
🩵🩵 And a HUGE thank you to my team Farhan, Cara, Gracie, Shekinah and Rachel who worked so hard this last season with me, I say it after every wedding but I will keep saying it “I literally couldn’t do this without you”. 🩵🩵

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This wedding was one my team and I will never forget. First our couple was AMAZING and trusted me implicitly so they never even knew what was happening in the background.
🩵Here is the story.
As the decorator arrived to set up the reception room, we noticed the room was warm but the doors had been open and it was an extremely warm day for June in Quebec. But the heat was just getting worse and worse. Maintenance brought in fans to try and move the air but it became clear that this wasn’t helping.

By this point we had a completely decorated reception room, ceremony was about to begin and we knew something was not ok with the air conditioning. The engineering team was trying to fix it but we needed the company for the unit to come to the venue, on a long weekend. At first no one was available but we got so lucky, a technician had a cottage close by and thankfully agreed to come. We had the venue checking options to move to a different room and also checking was the air working in those rooms. I just kept getting “just give us 15 minutes” over and over. Finally we had to make the call. We had to move reception rooms, we couldn’t keep waiting.

We all agreed it would be every hand on deck, we would extent the cocktail hour for guests which was on a terrace outside and we would all just make magic happen. Other vendors like DJ and photobooth were waiting on their set ups as well so we were all going to have to hustle.

My couple was doing their first look photos so we hopped in a golf cart to go and break the news to them. We were almost there when we got the call AIR CONDITIONING FIXED!!! We raced back to the room to check. The whole management team of the venue, the banquet manager, event coordinator and my team we all stood there saying “I think I feel it” until we did.

Then we went to start the ceremony and filled the couple in at that point that we almost had to move their wedding into the venue restaurant but the air was working and all was good. They just said “ok amazing, so glad we didn’t have to deal with that and we have you Erica”.

So this is your sign, you need a Wedding Planner.

Comment below what you would have done or if you agree with what we did

This venue is for couples who want to WOW their guests with a luxury wedding experience!
And I mean no one wants a boring and forgettable wedding, right?
Housing Canada’s most treasured works of art, this is a true guest experience no one could forget.
Let me take you tbreathtall the pros and cons you need to know if you want to hold your wedding at the National Gallery in my new blog article on this breathtaking venue! So click the link in my bio, go to blog and you’ll see it.

🩷And as Ottawa’s expert on luxury wedding venues, I have other venues you might want to check out while you are scrolling through!🩷

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Photo/ video by @palmtreewedding
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Decor/ florals/ rentals @wedecor_inc
Catering @mycateringgroup

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Are you getting married in Ottawa or looking for a destination wedding in Canada’s gorgeous nation’s capital?

Then let’s chat because I not only want you, your family and your friends to have the best wedding day but I want the two of you to have the best wedding PLANNING  experience.

Planning a wedding takes months and even years so I want you to enjoy those steps along the way with someone you like spending time with and that you trust with this special moment in your lives.

There are no do-overs for your wedding and I don’t want you having regrets. So let me guide you along the way with some love, laughs and serious wedding planning expertise.

You can comment below or DM me to set up a chat to see if we are a fit!

I love talking weddings
Photo and video by @greyloftstudio @greyloftvideo
Decor @wedecor_inc
Venue @fairmontlaurier

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ALWAYS remember to get a photo of the back of your dress. Often there are so many beautiful details about your dress that you won`t remember but having a photo helps.
Those tiny buttons, that elegant lace, maybe even a bow or other detailing on the back.
Also the same goes for your hair!
Comment if you knew this tip already or just learned something new and also tell me about the back of your dress, does it have beautiful detailing?
Gown @withlovebridal
Photo @palmtreewedding
Planning @ericairwinweddings
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If you want more choices, choosing a date shouldn’t be your first step. But I do understand that sometimes a date has a lot of significance to it so this might not work for everyone.

In general though, it’s difficult to say “We want 120 guests at our wedding” until you actually make a list. Couples can be surprised at how quickly the guest count grows, and you cannot look at venues (and a date) until you have a list of guests. A room that holds 120 guests can’t for example hold 130 guests if your parents add extra guests or your friends want to bring a date!

One last thing on guest lists, I hear all the time “we are inviting all these people but we don’t expect them all to come”. This is not a strategy. Expect 10% to not come. You would be surprised how for example friends that live internationally suddenly want to plan a trip based on your wedding!
⬇️Comment below with what guest count you are hoping for or if you are already married how many guests you had!⬇️
Photo cred to @greyloftstudio
Planning @ericairwinweddings
Hair @showponyhair
Makeup @klavaz.makeup
Venue @fairmontlaurier

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Happy birthday to this girl here. Bethany of Grey Loft Studios is always freaking pushing me to do things that make me a bit uncomfortable but also challenging me to try new things in my business.
No one I would rather get kicked out of a wedding show with. IYKYK
Also, this year I am making it my goal to get photos with all my "friendors"(vendor friends) just so I have birthday post material!!
Drop a 🥂 🎂 to wish her a happy birthday!
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I got a GREAT question today from a 2024 bride who is finalizing her details and I thought OH this is a good post!
Here is the question:
Do your vendors count in your headcount?
First, vendors who are present at your wedding are for example Planner, photo/ video team and DJ. Sometimes it`s a band but since bands make up less than 10% of weddings I won`t include that info in this post.
The answer is if your reception room for example holds 100 guests yes the vendor team counts in this count (unless you are planning for us to eat in another room which I RARELY suggest unless this room has a full view of where you and your guests are since we don`t want to miss anything.
BUT most venues do not charge you for your vendors are if they were guests. Mostly because we don`t partake in cocktail hour, open bar and late night food etc.
So if your room is 100 guest capacity, you count your vendors in this count but you might for example have 95 guests and 5 vendors and this is how you will be charged by your venue.
Does that make sense? Question below are always welcome and make sure you hit that follow button because I am always dishing up useful tips!
Venue @natgallerycan
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As a Planner I have seen some AMAZING wedding parties and some ... not so great.
I think people assume it`s just "look cute have fun" but unless the couple tells you that`s all they want and they will pay professionals to do the rest and will cover all costs I think my list is accurate.
If you aren`t interested or if being in a wedding party will be too much of a financial strain I also want you to know it`s ok to say you are so happy for them, you`re happy to come as a guest but you don`t feel you can commit to this important role right now. That`s ok too.

Comment below any other advice you would add to my list.
Cover photo by @greyloftstudio

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Something I add to my timeline is who is helping you put on your gown. I HIGHLY recommend this be a quiet moment with just your Mom or your sister or maid of honour when possible. Some brides like to have everyone around, but the reason I like it to be a quiet moment is so you can just take it all in. Also, it`s a special moment. It`s your wedding day and likely the first time you`ve seen your gown on you with hair and makeup done! Just another way I try and add in another little moment into your day for you to slow down and enjoy.
⬇️Comment below who you want helping with yours or if you are now married who did help with yours?⬇️
And as always follow me more USEFUL wedding tips 🩷
Photo by @agatharowland

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Happy birthday to Nancy @wedecor_inc ! This is a funny story. At Stephanie and Mike`s wedding I jokingly said let`s get a photo together so I have something to post on your birthday! So here we are 😆😂 I think we need to normalize taking photos with people for birthday posts right??
All kidding aside, there are a lot of talented people I get to work with in this industry and everyone works hard making dreams come true. I call Nancy a magician all the time she`s taking people`s inspiration photos and then making it their own kind of magic. So drop a 🥂or a 🎂 and wish her a happy birthday!
Photo by @greyloftstudio
At the @fairmontlaurier
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To all you bad-ass female entrepreneurs who are fulfilling dreams while also filling your hearts.
Keep on working hard because you are amazing.

Planning ahead for as many little things as possible will make your wedding day so much smoother. If you have a Planner, they cover these small details and make sure someone is in charge or do they do it for you.
1) Food and drinks during getting ready also throughout the day for both of you is so important. No one wants a "hangry" bride or groom.
2) If you`re wearing a veil, where is it going once you take it off?
3) Gifts, cards, guest book, photos of you two on your entrance table etc all have to be accounted for and safe.
🩷Bonus ones (there are so many though)🩷
✅️Put someone in charge on your bus if you have guest transportation, a "bus monitor"
✅️Your dancing dress/ change of outfit
✅️Bustling your dress
✅️The marriage license and rings ....
List goes on and on.
Make sure you`re following me so you don`t miss all my daily tips and inspo!
Add any below you want other brides and grooms to remember to add to their list!
Tag or send to someone getting married!!
Cover photo by @agatharowland
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Everything you ever wanted to know and MORE about getting married at the Chateau Laurier up on my blog today. I am putting a lot of info out there about all the different rooms, the food, the service … you know me it’s A LOT of info but if you are looking at this wedding venue I am sure you want to know it all right?

I covered the highlight version a couple months back but since my blog is my own I can give you guys all the scoop without having to worry about the number of characters on IG!

So comment below BLOG and I’ll send you the link or use the link in my bio to go to my website and navigate on over to blog.

If you have any questions, you can add them in the comments after you read through my blog.

PS I do dish on there about the most controversial part of booking this venue… if you know you know.

Planning by @ericairwinweddings
Photo by @greyloftstudio
Décor, florals, rentals and stationery by @Wedecor_inc
Venue @fairmontlaurier

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