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Some weddings just stick with us and we miss the couple, their day, their whole experience with our whole hearts.

🥂Happy first anniversary to Sophie and André. July 15 2023 is one we will always remember.

A team:
Planner: @ericairwinweddings
Reception: @fairmontlaurier
Photo: @greyloftstudio
Video: @greyloftvideo
Ceremony: Holy Name of Mary Parish
Florals & Decor: wedecor_tm
Band: @supersonicheartsband
Makeup: @klavaz.makeup @klavazbeautyteam
Hair: @showponyhair
Bride Dresses: @withlovebridal @martinalianabridal
Bride Shoes: @jimmychoo
Rings: @cartier @spicercole
Groom Suit: @jeffalpaughcustom
Limo: @elitelimousineottawa
Photo Booth @dynamixproductions


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🎂A huge happy birthday to our Gracie.🎂
🩷 She`s honestly just the sweetest and always up for helping with anything our couples need on a wedding day. Recently a group of the bride`s friend said "we are obsessed with Gracie" and that sums it up perfectly.

Let me tell you about how we met. Gracie was in the Event Management program at Algonquin and applied as a co-op student with me. I had already hired a student but had set up a meeting so met with her anyway. I instantly loved how cheery, smiley and eager she was so I just couldn`t say NO! That`s how I ended up with my first ever TWO co-op students.

She`s been an amazing addition to my team and puts up with a lot of teasing from Cara and Farhan as the "little sister" of the group.

💖Gracie, we all just adore you and love when you`re with us 💖

❤️Let`s make her feel special today so drop in a happy birthday wish below or even just a 🎂🥂 and show our country girl some love ❤️

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🩷For all you colour lovers 🩷
Sometimes a "white wedding" is just not your vibe and that`s ok.
Our bride showed us an inspo photo of an extremely colourful arch from a wedding that later landed on the pages of Vogue. This was the jumping point to the entire wedding design by @wedecor_inc
The National Gallery of Canada is big, bright and majestic but it can also come across as "cool" so this entire design added so much life into the space.
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🤍💙Because sometimes you want a white wedding but you also like colour.🤍💙

💙Here is your sign to add that touch of colour into your design like our couple did here.

🤍Comment what colour you would add in for your own wedding?
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Planning @ericairwinweddings
Decor/ florals/ rentals/printing @wedecor_inc
Photo by @studiogrmartin
Video @greyloftvideo
Venue @nac.cna

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As the newlyweds, you two are the guests of honour.
🩷You should enjoy your day to the fullest surrounded by all the people you love most in the world
🩷You get one chance. No do-overs.
🩷Trust in your Wedding Planner
🩷Trust in your Venue team
🩷Trust in all your wedding pros.
🩷If you have chosen well, they are experienced and have done this before.
🩷If you`ve got a solid plan, the day is just executing that plan and living it up❤️❤️❤️
✅️So go ahead and live your day to the FULLEST. It will go by so quickly so soak it all in.
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Cover photo by @agatharowland
Planner @ericairwinweddings
Venue @lebelvedereweddings

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Your wedding vendors want to leave at the end knowing they couldn`t have done more!

🩷 They likely didn`t eat or drink most of the day
🩷 They were on their feet for the entire day and constantly aware of everything going on
🩷 They likely stress sleep thinking of your wedding day and how to make it go off without a hitch.
🩷 They are professional worriers so that you don`t have to.
🩷 They hone their craft so on your day you`re getting the best they can offer.
🩷 They never want you to feel like you`re wedding is one of many, no cookie cutter weddings!
🩷🩷 They just want the best for you two, your families and your guests 🩷🩷
This is why it drives me crazy when people say "as soon as they hear wedding the price goes up". Oof. Stop. The stakes are HIGH on a wedding day, it`s not a prom, a birthday, an anniversary and we don`t treat it like that!
✅️ So show your vendors some love and tag your A team.
✅️ Vendors, post to your story and tell couples how you give your all!
Our industry is made up of amazing perfectionists so choose wisely and you won`t regret it!
Cover photo @greyloftstudio
Venue @fairmontlaurier
Decor/ florals @wedecor_inc
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❤️Hear me out.❤️
Your bouquets are with you throughout the day, in a lot of photos, in the hot sun and out of water for a long time.
Your headtable is where you sit for most of the evening and where a lot of your photos are taken. You don`t want your exhausted looking bouquets in those photos.
INSTEAD if you really want to reuse them put them in vases on your bar, your guest book table etc but honestly bouquets are meant to be held and are created very differently from a centerpiece. They have a "front" and a "back" and in a vase it`s a lot of stems!

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Cover photo by @rubiconphotogs
Bouquet by @wedecor_inc
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2025 will always be a big part of your love story.
Let this sink in:
🤍 In 6 months, you`ll be saying, "we are getting married this year!"
🖤 2025 will go on your invitations
🤍 Your marriage license will say 2025
🖤 All your anniversaries will be counted from 2025
🤍 This is your last year as an engaged couple, so enjoy these last months as you move towards your wedding day.
❤️ Your day will be here before you know it!

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Cover photo by @agatharowland
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Did you know that`s why we have a cake cutting at a wedding?
Yes, it`s for the cake but it`s also steeped in tradition of working together as newlyweds. It`s your first "work" together as a newly married couple.
You have to cooperatively cut it together, get it onto the plate and usually feed each other. It takes some effort to do that together, it`s not as easy as it would be to just cut and plate a cake alone!
Now TELL me below are you doing a cake cutting?
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Cover photo by @greyloftstudio

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Holding your bouquet properly is one of those weird things I am obsessed with in photos, wedding movies and as a Wedding Planner on a wedding day!
✅️ So to help you remember all my tips I try and use lines that make you smile too so you laugh right before going down the aisle.

🩷Here they are:

💐 It will feel like the stems are in your crotch
💐 Flowers to Flowers
💐At the hips not the tits
💐Girls out
💐Chicken wings ( not pushing your arms flat against your body but making a little triangle of light)
Did I miss any? Comment below.
Cover photo by @scotthwilson
Bouquet by @wedecor_inc

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Remember this. Your wedding is the only day all YOUR people are all in one room, celebrating the love you two share. Your family, your friends, just your favourite people.
Soak in every moment and enjoy it to the fullest. There are no do-overs.
🩷Save this post as a reminder of WHY your planning this special day.
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⬇️⬇️ But comment what you`re the most excited about so we can celebrate THAT!!!
Planning @ericairwinweddings
Cover photo @scotthwilson
Venue @fairmontmontebello
Decor & florals @wedecor_inc
Music @thedigsmusic @solepower
Hair @showponyhair
Makeup @onefinebeauty

Let`s hear it for the white dinner jacket it`s one of my favorites for our grooms. Caleb is totally rocking it but let`s face it, he was styled by his gorgeous bride Saxon. So classy and classic. What do you think would you go white dinner jacket or stick to a black text jacket?
Photo by @scotthwilson
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