Fun ways to pop the question to your #bridalsquad

Fun ways to pop the question to your #bridalsquad

You’ve said “yes” to your mister and now you need your sisters!

Your bridesmaids are usually made up of your closest friends and family, the ones you depend on in your daily life but also the ones that won’t bring drama to your engagement and your wedding day.

So why not show them some love? They will be your VIPs, with you all through the planning and by your side on your wedding day. They will invest time and money into getting you down that aisle. Here are some ideas I put together on ways to pop the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

I Can't say I do without you. Will you be my maid of honour? |
You're, like, really pretty. Will you be my bridesmaid? Card for your bridesmaids from
Will you be my bridesmaid? Scratch card for your bridesmaids |

There are so many cute cards out there that you can either mail or deliver by hand. Seeing their reaction though would be top on my list. One of these is even a scratch card.

Throw a killer slumberparty (probably been a while?) and give these cute PJs as gifts! The girls can wear them while getting ready on your wedding day as an alternative to the satin robes that have been popular for years.

Plum Pretty Sugar PJs | Photo credit to

For the wine loving crowd, how about a nice bottle of wine with these super cheeky labels! Then you just have to live up to what you put on there… Or, invite everyone out for a shopping day and pop the question as you hand out these monogrammed totes!

Personalized wine labels to give your #bridalsquad from
Monogrammed Totes from

Who doesn’t want more jewelry? These adorable bracelets can be worn anytime and I love the little note saying “Will you help me tie the knot?”


Tie the knot bracelets from

However you do it, be original and let your personality shine through! Check out my Pinterest under “The Girls” for more ideas.

Colours to inspire. Neutral isn’t boring!

Colours to inspire. Neutral isn’t boring!

Choosing a wedding palette can be overwhelming.  Especially with Pinterest to inspire and also distract us! You want something original but not too much so that you look at your photos and think “what the heck were we thinking?” I just pinned this to my Pinterest and had to share on my blog too!

These muted hues are still a neutral palette without being at all boring. It’s a truly elegant mix that would work for any season.

These were my parents wedding colours now that I think about it! And I do love those timeless weddings.

Muted hues neutral palette | Pink Blue Champagne | Erica Irwin Weddings

These fantastic images were put together by Shirley Zhao of You can find other great work of hers on their blog.

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