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Karen and James

Karen and James are an amazing couple who wanted family and friends to celebrate their big day at their new home. They invited me to their property in Carp Ontario with the hopes of getting my opinion on whether or not a backyard tent wedding was a possibility. Luckily I had brought my rubber boots because the backyard had no grass, just mud. Karen had given James a tractor as a gift and he had put it to good use clearing out the brush over the acres of their land. There was still much to do but we were all confident we could turn their backyard into the perfect wedding venue for them. After much planning and measuring it was determined that for a tent to fit, a couple more trees needed to be removed. James was on it! Every time I came out for meetings, we checked how the grass was growing. I have to say, this is not usually part of my client meetings!

Come August though, there was plenty of grass! Up went the tent, the floors, the very nice porta-potties, the tables, chairs, linens, decor, flowers, hay bales, barrel cruiser tables, lights (TONS of lights) and candles, the BBQs and the special rustic wood bar. Even the hardworking tractor of James’ was invited … to hold the icy beer! Friends and family stayed long into the night enjoying time together by the bonfire, knowing they had a safe ride home thanks to Responsible Choice.

Always a huge pleasure to work with Derrick Rice of Union Eleven Photographers who captured some incredible moments and kept Karen and James laughing all day long.

You can read Karen and James’s own words on the Testimonials page

All Photo Credit to Derrick Rice of Union Eleven Photographers

Outdoor rustic ceremony | Private Residence Carp ON | Union Eleven Photographers

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