Rustic Elegant Barn Wedding | Stonefields Heritage Farm | Themotions Photography
Carol and Bo

When Bo and Carol were just teenagers they moved to Canada to finish high school because their parents wanted them to have opportunities that only Canada could offer them. They went on to college and met, fell in love and then it was time for a wedding! When I first met with them they told me they wanted a true Canadian wedding. They had never been to one before so it was up to me to describe many of our traditions and customs. They wanted a rustic yet elegant setting, one that for their families from China would be very unique and “Canadian” with lots of wide open spaces. They wanted only Canadian cuisine with many maple syrup infused dishes. There would be cowboy boots, poutine, cheese fondue, a barn and a vintage car as well. That’s where Stonefields Heritage Farm would come in. The decor would be rustic, country and organic, with lots of greenery, flowers, white and green. Carol wanted a showpiece archway to use at the ceremony and then again as a back drop to the head table.

Carol and Bo wanted the whole wedding to be a nod to their new home country and for their family traveling from China to also fall in love with Canada. It was truly a special night and a very emotional one for me as I thought about the implications of the one child law in China, watching their parents just bask in the day that their child was married . As a mom of four amazing kids, I will get to hopefully do this four times but for these parents this day was extra special knowing this was the wedding they would attend for their child.

I love staying in touch with this fantastic couple especially seeing pictures of their new baby boy Grant!

Big thanks to Themotions Photography for the beautiful photos included here and for making my clients feel extra special all day long.

All Photo Credit to Andrey and Elena of Themotions Photography

Canadian Inspired Elegant Rustic Wedding | Stonefields Heritage Farm | Themotions Photography

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