It’s all in the details! Why every detail matters for your dream wedding

It’s all in the details! Why every detail matters for your dream wedding

Planning your wedding is full of details. How many hors d’oeuvres per guest for cocktail hour, how many drinks to account for in open bar, how long the linens should be for your guest tables, what gifts to give your bridal party, what songs for the different parts of your ceremony and then your reception! It goes on and on but hey, that’s why they hire me.

The details I am talking about today are details that make your wedding day your own. Guests appreciate seeing your personality come out and for your dream wedding, every detail matters!

One of my clients had her very favourite little person be her flowergirl. She was too little at the time to carry flowers so instead the flowergirl carried this tiny nest that we had tied the rings into. She was so careful with it and the rings made it safely down the aisle!

For some couples it might be a his and hers drink for example. This gives guests an option to choose at the bar that is not the usual drink perhaps. It also lets them see your personality shine through.  Just make sure it’s a drink your bartenders can make without causing a lineup!

His and her's signature drinks | Wedding Details | Renaissance Studios

It might be a favour that reflects your love or your personality. In this case, the bride had a very cheeky sense of humour and had many different Anne Taintor cards attached to her favour boxes. This one says “She was one cocktail away from proving her mother in law right”.  Love it!

Anne Taintor favor vinyl record charger | Wedding Details | Renaissance Studios

A detail that this bride didn’t want to forget was her father. He had passed away and it was very emotional for her to not have him there on her wedding day. Since he wouldn’t be there to walk her down the aisle or to do a speech nor to have a father/ daughter dance, this bride chose her cousin. Her cousin was extremely honoured and quite emotional himself at this enormous privilege.

To honour her dad, we attached a pendant with her father’s photo onto her bouquet so she carried him around all day with her. We did the same for her best friend and Maid of Honour who had also lost her Dad.

Memorial locket wedding bouquet | Wedding Details | Renaissance Studios
Pink orange green wedding bouquet with memorial locket | Renaissance Studios

Lastly, I always love it when couples give each other notes with a gift on their wedding day. It’s so emotional for both of them to open something from the person that loves them the most in the world on their wedding day. In this case, my client had given her groom her father’s pocket watch. As stoic as this groom was, I don’t think he held it together long when he saw what she had given him!  I know I sure didn’t!

Groom gift pocket watch | Wedding Details | Renaissance Studios
Colours to inspire. Neutral isn’t boring!

Colours to inspire. Neutral isn’t boring!

Choosing a wedding palette can be overwhelming.  Especially with Pinterest to inspire and also distract us! You want something original but not too much so that you look at your photos and think “what the heck were we thinking?” I just pinned this to my Pinterest and had to share on my blog too!

These muted hues are still a neutral palette without being at all boring. It’s a truly elegant mix that would work for any season.

These were my parents wedding colours now that I think about it! And I do love those timeless weddings.

Muted hues neutral palette | Pink Blue Champagne | Erica Irwin Weddings

These fantastic images were put together by Shirley Zhao of You can find other great work of hers on their blog.

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